IFD project scope

The overall scope for the IFD TopChargE project aims to establish a fully functional charging system equipped with a battery and PV connection for OK in Jutland.

The system will consist of a 10-foot container which houses a 400-450 KWh battery. The battery has an 88 KW grid connection and 100 KW inverter capacity. The system is outfitted with a 50-100 KW PV connection and a separate charger for electrical vehicles (EV). The charger will have 2 CCS EV charging connections, which can either supply 500 KW to one cable or 250 KW if both the cables are in use. Nerve Smart Systems will supply the charging stand with OK’s branding. The figure below shows the interrelation between the parts.

The system will be both T.F 3.3.1 compliant as well as transport UN 38.3 certified.

The system will be connected to the Cloud through a 4G/LTE connection. Nerve Smart Systems will oversee the development of the CRTL. 2.0 for system control, while OK creates the OCPP 2.0 for EV charge control and Fremsyn will implement the BESS MESA / GprC interface for controlling the ancillary grid services.

This system will showcase how the battery is charged from PV and/or the grid and how EV charging and grid ancillary services can be combined into one integrated solution at a functioning fueling station.