About TOPChargE

State of the art high-power charging

350kW high-power charger with integrated battery-buffer

The prototype will be superior to all current technologies and facilitates charging of any electric vehicle!

Independent of the battery voltage (3V to 800V). It will be an attractive electricity supply solution for EVs, able to diminish grid peak loads.

500.000 High-Power Chargers will be put out in Europe between the years 2020-2025. This project has a unique feature since it has an easy movable/modular design and low connection fees, that makes it fast and affordable to swap location if needed.  

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

% less energy loss
Km in 10 minutes
% more affordable

How does the TOPChargE prototype claim to be in charge for switching?

The novel system design of the TOPChargE battery-buffered charging station for electric vehicles aligns cheap high-power charging for vehicles owners with low total cost of ownership for charge point operators, and all this without even demanding a powerful grid connection!

Meet the Partners

A collaboration we’re proud of.

TOPChargE, next generation high-power charger & a fundamental solution to empower electric mobility!

High-power charging of EVs is a necessity to establish a comprehensive electromobility, and it is already necessary today. With a novel approach to B-HPCs, we are developing high-power EVSE that can be put into service without the need for large investments into the electric grid infrastructure.

With the world’s first reconfigurable battery system with variable topology, our Nerve Switch® BESS overcomes most challenges of conventional BMS today and makes any DC/DC conversion power electronics in the overall system integration superfluous.

That is how we think that switching individual cells to charge and discharge a battery enables the TOPChargE technology demonstrator with the Nerve Switch® technology to be in charge for switching to EVs and renewable energy.

What is the driving motivation behind TOPChargE?

In most discussions about the current rollout of electric vehicles (EV) and the associated build-up of an appropriate charging infrastructure, the so-called electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), you might get the feeling that we are dealing with a classical chicken or egg-dilemma.

Customers are, for understandable reasons, reluctant in purchasing EVs as long as there is no ubiquitous EVSE available; in particular if an EV only offers short driving ranges but long charging times. A comprehensive public charging infrastructure, on the other hand, requires a sufficient demand from EV drivers; especially if fast charging or even high-power charging shall be accepted by EV drivers as well as profitable for EVSE operators.

But like its famous winged conundrum, the EV or EVSE-dilemma can be seriously solved if the underlying problem statement is rendered more precisely. This is what Nerve Smart Systems and the consortium partners are aiming to demonstrate with their novel battery-buffered high-power charger (B-HPC) within the TOPChargE project.

Future solutions

In the future the power grid will need to handle an escalating integration of renewable energy, an increasing number of electric vehicles in need of charging as well as consumption curves that will not always match the energy production.

The solution we focus on in this project is a battery energy storage system with an integrated High-Power Charger (B-HPC).

Underlying technology

The inclusion of a battery buffer will allow electric vehicles to charge with up to 350kW, without putting peak-demands on the power grid. 

Nerve Smart Systems’ technology, Nerve Switch®, is what makes this project possible.

With the Nerve Switch®, each individual battery cell can be controlled directly and independently of each other.

Consortium partners

TOPChargE partners consist of a consortium with the following companies:

Nerve Smart Systems ApS (NSS).

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Fremsyn ApS (FRS).

OK a.m.b.a. (OK).

Meet the Partners

A collaboration we’re proud of.