ACAlternating CurrentAC is an electric current that is able to shift its direction or strength repeatedly, at etiher a specific frequency or within a range of frequencies.


BMSBattery Management SystemA system that manages a battery cell or a pack consisting of more than one battery cell. 
BESSBattery Energy Storage SystemEnergy storage systems based on battery technology to store energy.
BEESSBattery Electrical Energy Stoage SystemsSame as BESS
B-HPCBattery Buffered-High Power ChargerB-HPC is a charger for electric vehicles that can charge with more power, than is available from the power grid, by using energy stored in a battery.


CCSCombined Charging Systems CCS is one standard of charging plugs for DC fast charging


DMSData Management SystemAn IT system developed for managing data 
DSODistribution System Operators DSO’s are the people in charge of controlling energy distribution networks, that functions at low, medium and possibly high voltage levels. 
DCDirect Current; An electric current which moves in one direction only.


EVElectric VehicleA vehicle which uses one or more electric motors for propulsion
EMSEnergy Management System EMS is the system that monitors, controls and optimizes the performance of generation/transmission systems and microgrids. 
EUDPEnergy Technology Development and Demonstration Program EUDP is a public body offering grants to support new technology within the energy sector
EVElectric Vehicle A car that drives using electricity instead of gasoline. 


FTIFast Track to Innovation FTI is a support programme from the European Union with a focus on innovative ideas that are close-to-market
FTOFreedom to Operate FTO refers to whether a company is able to develop, manufacture and market products without infringing on any third parties. 


GHGGreenhouse Gas EmissionsGHG come from any gaseous compound which is able to absorb infrared radiation, resulting in heat being trapped in the atmosphere.  
GSGrand Solutions Grand Solution is a fund from IFD, which is aimed at collaborative research projects that are focused on creating solutions of considerable societal value.


HPCHigh Power Chargers A charger able to charge with more energy, resulting in a faster charge of an electric vehicle, compared to normal chargers.


IOTInternet of Thingsthe interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.
IFDInnovation Fund Denmark IFD is a danish support programme with a focus on research and innovation projects, that potentially will drive new knowledge, growth and employement to Denmark.
IPIntellectual Property IP refers to products of the human intellect, such as designs, symbols, names and images. IP is protected by, for example, patents, copyright and trademarks. 
IRFDIndependent Research Fund Denmark IRFD is a danish support programme backing research projects. 


kWhKilo-Watt Hour kWh is a measure of how much energy has been used over the course of an hour. 


NPVNet Present ValueNPV gives the present value of all future cash flows, by finding the difference between positive and negative cash flows, from a time period covering the whole investment period and discounting it to the present. 
NSSNerve Smart System ApS Nerve Smart Systems is one of the companies in the TOPChargE consortium


PCCPoint of Common Coupling In an electrical system, the pcc works as the interface between the sources and the loads. 
PCTPatent Cooperation Treaty The Patent Cooperation Treaty is a global treaty on patent law. It presents a procedure for how to file patent applications. 
PVPhotovoltaic PV’s are mostly known as a mechanism of generating electric power with the use of solar cells that turn energy from the sun into a stream of electrons because of the photovoltaic effect. 


SRLSocietal Readiness Level SRL is used to assess the level of societal adaption of, for example, a specific project, product or technology, for it the be integrated into society.  
STCSteering Committee A steering committee is a group in charge of deciding which priorities or order of business, an organization should follow. They are also in charge of managing the general course of the organizations operations. 


TRLTechnology Readiness Level TRL is used to assess and measure the level of maturity of a particular technology.
TSOTransmission System Operators A TSO is the organisation in charge of transporting energy; electrical power or natural gas, using a fixed infrastructure. 


VVoltVolt is the standard unit used to measure the electric potential, electric potential difference and electromotive force. 

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