340 km range charged in 10 minutes


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About TOPChargE

Lightning fast high-power charging of electric vehicles without grid implications!

The goal of the TOPChargE project is to demonstrate and mature a next-generation high-power charger.

The TOPChargE system is centered around a variable topology battery system allowing to store electricity and use it to charge electric vehicles directly from the battery – with only an added charging cable.

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The functional prototype of the TOPChargE system will facilitate 350kW of high-power charging. The system will be demonstrated at the Island of Bornholm during Q2, 2021.

Innovation Fund

An optimized and market-ready product of the TOPChargE system will facilitate 500kW of high-power charging. The system will be demonstrated at one of OK’s facilities during Q4, 2021.

The applications

We are making the most flexible, reliable and scalable high-power charger with integrated battery the world has ever seen


Dynamic cell stack reconfiguration allows the battery strings to have a combined voltage higher than the EV requirement, all EV voltages are supported and any charging power (from 50 to 350 kW) can be achieved


A failing battery cell will be bypassed. Thereby system failures is limited to battery cell level, system stays operational, limits operational expenses to maintenance.

Sensors Scalability

A TOPChargE system can be scaled from 1 till an infinite amount of charging points. It is just a matter of dimensioning the battery with the right configurations. Should the need occur, further chargepoints or battery cells can be installed after commissioning.
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The only battery-integrated high-power charger that doesn’t need DC/DC conversion

Primary Contributions

Areas that benefit!

Large city traffic

In large cities, it is not always appropriate to dig down (or hang) large copper cables in the middle of the road to ensure the powerful grid connection required to high-power charge.

poor grid

Many areas in the world has little- to no grid connection. These areas need large batteries and different sources of electricity production to allow electric vehicle charging.


High-power charging stations are becoming more and more sought after. Being able to charge 340 km driving range within 10 minutes will be a gamechanger for those who can facilitate it.